Ng Khai Shuen

Dec 17, 2023

I’m currently working on the topic of general relativity minimally coupled to massless scalar fields. The goal of this project is to look for more classes of solutions in spacetimes where gravity sometimes repulses instead of attracts (i.e., has an opposite effect), where it was shown to be the case for one particular solution only.I had a very good opportunity to gain exposure; not just to different cultures and new people, but to see how different people approach Physics outside of a local setting, and to learn from them. One can argue that Physics is still Physics across different languages and cultures, but I think that everyone has very different sensibilities and “feels” when it comes to approaching math or physics. These differences, which essentially constitute one’s way of thinking, influence the formation of one’s ideas; and seeing as much of that as we can is imperative, especially as a budding young scientist (or whatever you plan to do in the future). Broaden your horizons and learn from as many sources as you can!

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