PHY207 is a design-based laboratory course. Unlike traditional lab courses, in this class, students are required to work in groups to design their experiments, set objectives and hypothesis, prepare equipment, coding to acquire and analyze data, and unleash infinite creativity with limited resources. After 15 weeks of hard working, 7 groups of students finally completed their experiments and submitted reports. In the final week, they presented their results in the form of posters. Special thanks to Prof. Foong and Prof. Zaidan for taking the time to provide valuable feedback to the students. While this course demanded a significant amount of time from students, we believe they all experienced the joy of hands-on work throughout the process.

Wen Yi is showing her 3d printing Luneberg lens to her juniors while her teammate, Hongming is explaining the mechanism of Luneberg lens
Group 5 is presenting how they obtained the resistivity of solutions. This technique is usually used in detecting the impurities in water.

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