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Dec 13, 2023
  • Prof. Ong Chong Kim
    • Head of department

Welcome to the Physics Department of Xiamen University Malaysia!

Physics is a branch of science involved in the study of basic phenomena and their potential applications. The subject advances through a dialogue with nature. Questions are asked in the form of experiments, and nature responds in the form of results. Physicists analyze the results, design further experiments, and so on, reaching greater depths in their understanding of nature. Through the course of history, Physics has evolved to become increasingly mysterious and wondrous, from the classical physics of Galileo, Newton and Maxwell to Einstein relativity and quantum physics. Physics has applications in fields as diverse as engineering, materials science, molecular biology and medicine.  Devices based on physics concept such as laser, semiconductor and internet are indispensable in our daily life.

Our Physics program aims to teach students to identify and solve challenging unseen problems. In the first two years of study, we provide a solid background on key areas in Physics, with courses on mechanics, thermal and statistical physics, electrodynamics, quantum techniques and mathematics. From the third year onwards, we will introduce research and multidisciplinary courses to train students on their problem-solving abilities and prepare them for careers where they can apply their learnings to real world problems.

Our teaching team includes active research professors who teach modules related to their areas of research and supervise research projects. We provide inquiry-based and field-based laboratories, where students can use physical and computer modeling to test their ideas.

We have an exchange program with the University of Gdansk, Poland. Students will have the opportunity to be attached to University of Gdansk, the main campus of Xiamen University (in China), and other Universities to enrol in research internship and with local companies for industry internship.

To encourage participation and learning, we hold a Xiamen University Malaysia Cup Physics competition annually and participate in the Asia Physics Olympics competition and local science camp to promote learning of Physics. The Student Physics Society also organizes activities regularly.

We look forward to welcoming you to join us in the Physics department!

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