• Email: feifang.chung@xmu.edu.my
  • Office: A4-435
  • Research Interest:
    • Ocean waves simulation,
    • Granular matter,
    • Computational Physics


Dr. Chung obtained a Ph.D. degree in physics from University Chung Hsing, Taiwan. He is interested in the phase transitions that happen in granular matter. He is also an expert in computer simulation of granular flow and ocean waves. Dr. Chung is concerned about the foundation of science education in Malaysia. He is one of the advisors and reviewers for the physics and science textbook in Dong Jiao Zong.


Granular matter 

Computational physics

Ocean waves simulation


Bachelor Degree, Department of Physics, University ChungHsing Taiwan(1997-2001)

Master Degree, Department of Physics, University TsingHua Taiwan(2001-2003)

Ph.D. Degree, Department of Physics, University ChungHsing, Taiwan(2005-2009)


Physics teacher, ChungHwa High School, Kluang(2003-2004)

Lecturer, New Era University College, Malaysia(2012-2013)

Deputy Principal, ChungHua High School, Seremban(2013-2017)

Assistant Professor, Xiamen University Malaysia(2017-Present)


Segregation and phase transition of granular matter, ChungHsing, Taiwan(2009-2012)

Energy exchange between floating bodies and water waves, Xiamen University Malaysia (2018-2020)


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2. Fei Fang Chung, S.S. Liaw, and M.C. Ho, Energy and phase transition in a horizontally vibrating granular system, Granular Matter 12, 369-374 (2010)

3. Fei Fang Chung, Sy-Sang Liaw. and Wei Chun Chang, Collective Motion of Inelastic particles between Two oscillating walls, Granular Matter Vol.13,787-794 (2011).

4. Syue-Yi Liaw, Fei Fang Chung, and Sy-Sang Liaw, Horizontal segregation of mono-layer granules coordinated by vertical motion, EPJE vol.34, 59 (2011).

5.Fei Fang Chung and Sy-Sang Liaw, Phase transition induced symmetry breaking in granular materials, Granular Matter,Vol.15, 57-63 (2013).

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