Most of our lecturers are very friendly, especially Assoc. Prof. Lim Yen Kheng and Prof. Tomasz Paterek. Prof. Lim will explain the concepts in detail and clearly. He will also provide step-by-step derivations and notes. At the same time, Prof. Tomasz will give some exercise questions on the spot and point out your error directly during class time.

Moreover, there were also some memorable experiences during the lab session. I joined the lab session with our seniors during the first physical lab session after the pandemic because we have only two students in our intake. Fortunately, I met my kind teammates, who led me to complete the experiment. Secondly, I joined the lab session with our juniors for my second lab session during the last semester (2022/09). Also, this semester, we had our first experience with poster presentations. It was enjoyable and memorable.

I work as a multimedia in the XMUM Physics Society. We conducted our first event, the new student orientation, for two days last September. My job scope is to take photos and edit videos during the event, also managing the social media account of our society. It was really fun and, of course, exhausting, but it is good to make a bonding between seniors and juniors.

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